A2 Hosting review of Shared Plan | Is it the best hosting?

No doubt A2Hosting is one of the best Hosting providers in the budget category & very few hosting companies can compete with A2Hosting’s features, pricing, Speed, and Offers. A2Hosting is easily affordable as their pricing just starts from $2.99/mo (₹218). Let’s explore more about A2 Hosting Review.

Turbo Rating: 9.7


 After personally using a Couple of Hosting for years I could really say, A2Hosting provides much faster support, higher Bandwidth, fast loading speed, Lower latency, Higher Uptime and we will be talking about what are the pros and Cons of A2 Hosting. 

We’ll be analyzing the cheapest Shared hosting plan with minimum features, else if you’re planning for high tier, you’ll surely get much more features. Let’s see how the cheapest plan of A2Hosting can beat other Companies’ premium plans.

Specification Values
Bandwidth :
Unlimited Bandwidth
Storage :
100 GB SSD Storage
Uptime :
Support :
24 X 7 Support
Starting :
$ 2.99/mo
Free SSL
DataBase :
5 MySQL DB's
Email :
Unlimited Emails

Major Specifications :

  • A2Hosting Reliability: A2Hosting was established back in 2001, recently it has got everyone’s attention though they have been providing trustworthy services with maximum benefit to the customer for years. 
  • C-Panel:  A2 hosting has provided traditional C-panel with some extra embedded shortcuts for faster accessibility of User to Important features.
  • Support: Live Chat is present on the A2 hosting website with a usual quick response, They even provided an estimated wait time for a user to get a reply from the executive. Ticket support, as well as email support, is present there.
  • Money-Back Guarantee:  A2 Hosting refunds you whenever you want before your term is over. If you have bought 3 Years of hosting, even after 2 years you can request a refund. Obviously, there will be a cut-off for some charges that they had to cost for you. But You can get a 100% refund if you wish to cancel in the initial 30 Days.
  • Speed: A2 Hosting, hands up is the fastest Hosting servers holders as of seen and tested by me in the Shared Hosting category. They have fast, low latency servers that can easily host multiple websites with ease.


✅  Starting from $2.99/mo
✅  Free SSL on all Site
✅  Anytime refund Guarantee

✅  Free Migration
✅  100GB SSD 
✅  Self auto optimized cache cleaning
✅  Full customization of optimizers
✅  Free Domain


  No Litespeed server in Basic plan

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Dashboard Features :

  A2 Hosting dashboard is quite well organized, they have a support pin that is mandatory while contacting any executive via email or Phone. In the main section, we get Services, where our Hosting plan and their basic settings can be accessed. Domains bought in A2 hosting can be seen right after that followed by created tickets sections & the Invoices section.

 Cpanel quick login services are also included on the Dashboard along with the product name and Domain connected with it.

365 / 24 / 7 Customer Support :

 From the A2Hosting Dashboard, the Live chat option can be toggled via the top right section. They reply instantly with an estimated time that a customer has to wait. Most of the time Live chat solves our queries without any hassles. Even they’re not able to solve your issues, A ticket can be created and the customer can directly receive messages on his email, else a customer can directly email support executives.

 There is Mobile call Support present in A2Hosting customer support, they’ll call and ask for your queries if you simply put a request for call support.

Stability of Uptime :

A2hosting claims they have more than 99.9% of Uptime though our test shows the uptime was 99.99% which is really good as compared to other Shared Hosting Providers. Turbo plans of A2hosting provide traffic spike sustainability features, which Means even the website suddenly gets a huge amount of traffic, Their servers won’t instantly shut down or crash, instead, they’ll manage that amount of traffic.

 With a strong and consistent uptime record that is totally reliable, A2Hosting takes its place way above the industry standard.

Popular Plans :

 So far you’re reading this means we can assume you’ve liked our A2 Hosting review article, Thanks for reading though. Let’s take a look at what are the major Shared Hosting plans.

 The most basic plan starts from only $2.99 if it’s India based server, else if you’re willing to go with a US-based server, the price decreases to $2.49. The name is named as “Startup” plan. Seemingly as it’s the basic plan only one website can be hosted. 

If you’re planning to host more than one, the “Drive” plan may be the one for your need as it comes with unlimited website hosting capability. With unlimited Bandwidth.

 Apart from these two, we get to see two other high-tier plans with a lot of premium features. “Turbo Boost” with a monthly cost of $9.99, and “Turbo Max” on the other hand costs $14.99 per month. 

 If you purchase the Plans from our link, you’ll get 60% off on the shared Hostings.

Plan Price
Turbo Boost
Turbo Max

Money Back Guarantee :

  A2Hosting does a great job when it comes to a refund policy that is totally hassle-free & can be claimed whenever you want while the hosting plan is still at work.

 If your contract was set to be for 3 years when you bought and enrolled with A2 Hosting, even after using it for 2.5 years, if you’re not yet satisfied with their hosting, You can request a hassle-free refund. 

Considerably you won’t be able to get 100% cashback but the cashback would depend on the day count and charges count that you’ve used so far. 

 Though if you want to avail of a refund and unenroll with A2 Hosting in your initial 30 days of buying the hosting plan, You will receive a 100% Cashback along with the TAX amount. 

Features :

 In the A2 Hosting review we’ve so far covered the Pros and cons of A2Hosting. Let us see what differs A2Hosting from others and why most of the customers love to use their services.

 Free Site Migration: A2 Provides free Site migration, if you already have your Website somewhere else Hosted you can bring it to A2Hosting for free. Remember you can Auto-import only one Backup for free, the next or second Auto-migration is paid or has to be done manually by yourself. 

 Free SSL: Having SSL is really necessary, A2Hosting takes care of that and provides free SSL certificates to all domains added to their hosting plan as well as subdomains, totally for free.

 SSD Storage: Solid State Drives are much faster than normal storage devices. A2Hosting has super-fast SSDs even in their basic shared hosting plans. 100GB of SSD is been provided in A2Hosting “Startup” plan.

 Multiple Optimizer: If you’re willing to install woocommerce A2hosting got you covered as they have woocommerce optimized hosting support. Even for other purposes, specific optimizers are present along with the A2 Optimized Cache plugin.

Turbo Rating : 9.7 / 10


Competition & Conclusion:

 From my own experience and other users’ reviews, I can myself conclude that so far A2Hosting is one of the most budget-friendly best services providing the hosting company with years of trust and credibility. 

 Their Fast customer support, Hassle-free anytime refund plan, server speed, latency, uptime, everything has taken them to the next level of the hosting industry. If you’re just starting out. I’ll prefer you should definitely give it a try to A2Hosting, if you’re not good with it, you can avail of 100% cashback. 

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