What are the Types of Hosting | which one is Best for you?

 There are probably thousands & hundreds of web hosting providing companies, which one to choose from? Confused about all the plans offered by these companies? We’ll compare what are the types of Hosting & Which one is suitable for your work. Apart from basic Hosting plans, we’ll be discussing the most common technical terms related to Hosting Like c-panel, Bandwidth, DNS. To know more about the terms check 9 Hosting facts you need to know. Let’s roll towards the Article.  

 Apart from these Hosting services we have another type of hosting which is known as Free hosting. These services are mostly limited with features & services while their paid version comes with expensive plans hence company claiming the profit of providing free hosting. We have a tutorial on the best 5 free web hosting platforms. Keeping in mind that free hosting is not something that can really grow your website, Let us know What are the Types of Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Hostgator web Hosting Review in India

 Shared hosting is one of the cheapest options to go for if you are just starting out. While you’re a shared hosting account owner, your account is hosted on a server as well as other users where their websites are hosted too. 

 Shared hosting can be a bit of a compromise with your hosting Plans as they are affordable. They cost around $1-$10 on average. You can check them from here: Shared Hosting.

 As you’ll receive a finite amount of CPU, Bandwidth, Space, you’re more likely bound to a limited boundary of capabilities with your website. If you try stretching it by making your website heavy with other features, it might crash or become slow which will impact your SEO score as well as conversion ratio. You need to take care of a fact, as this is shared hosting, there are probably multiple owners working on the same server, Vulnerability chances are higher than usual. If anyone’s site is putting much load every site on that server receives impact. 


✅  Cheap Pricing
✅  Good for starting up
✅  24/7 Technical support


Limited resources of RAM, Space, CPU 
Higher risk of server crash/ theft
❌ Slows down the whole server

VPS Hosting

 VPS stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS is a way up from shared hosting, if you’re planning to host multiple websites on a shared hosting server account, It would be better you add a bit more money and Buy VPS hosting which is more efficient in handling multiple sites with ease. With a VPS server, you’re rarely gonna have more than 10 users per server, so hence more performance and resources still being in a shared environment.

 Being more efficient and reliable than shared hosting, no user can grab again out of its limited CPU bandwidth, providing the smoothest performance in multiple user environments. VPS hosting cost starts from $3.15-$20 and goes as high as $200. Pricing depends on RAM, Bandwidth & other factors along with Provider.

 Here’s a quick comparison of the best VPS hosting providers at a Cheap price with pros & cons, all the features. To ans the question What are the Types of Hosting? Here it comes VPS.

 Managed as well as self-managed VPS hosting are available in any Hosting provider while Managed VPS is comparatively expensive it’s easy to use but Self managed is cheap but has to managed by yourself.


✅  Fewer users on Same server
✅  No user can lead server crash
✅  Flexibility of customization

✅  Good for starting up
✅  24/7 Technical support


Still a Shared environment
High pricing

Dedicated Hosting

 Unlike the Shared & VPS hosting servers, Dedicated Hosting which is already assumable by name is for High tier Websites providing you a dedicated server of your own. Dedicated hosting is suitable for large websites with an enormous amount of traffic.

 On a dedicated server, you don’t have to take a headache about resources & website speed. One of the highest levels of server you can get for your online Business is Dedicated hosting, well it cost a huge amount though provides you a wide vast field of customization in your hosting server. Obviously, a guy starting up should not go for Dedicated hosting just for writing blogs and all. Dedicated hosting is probably the most expensive in the ‘What are the Types of Hosting’ List.

 Dedicated Hosting costs you somewhere around starting from $100 minimum ends all the way up to $1000. Though pricing is really high, for Large scaled businesses it’s an easily recoverable amount.


✅  Total control on the server
✅  Suitable for Large Traffic
✅  Strong Database support

✅  Ideal for enormous business


Expensive pricing


Cloud Hosting

cloudways cloud hosting

 Assuming you are aware of basic knowledge of what cloud computing is, Cloud-based servers that can gain connectivity to massive network servers & communicate, transfer heavily via them without interruptions is called Cloud Hosting.

 As cloud hosting can be explained as an extended version of Virtual Private Server, but in Cloud hosting can be pulled out of its limit whereas in VPS it isn’t possible throughout the Limitation. With Cloud Hosting there are some really major positive points, Cloud hosting is really fast, It’s very easy and safe to host your site, It’s more efficient protecting a site from DDos attack. In a cloud system, one main computer is being partitioned into several virtual machines.

 As cloud hosting depends on the need of a website necessity and consumes only as much as needed by the virtual machine, Cloud hosting only charges for only the usage made by your site, Hence while you’re not sure about how much data your site might end up using, Cloud hosting can be a great alternative compared to others. 

Cloud plans start from $10 & end up around $100 on a usual basis, You can find the best Cloud hosting companies here: Best Cloud hosting companies compared. In the list of  ”What are the Types of Hosting ”, Cloud hosting is most efficient along with pricing.


✅  Pay as per Usage
✅  Fast Server Speed
✅  Comparatively Secure 

✅  Easily scalable, Fully customizable


❌  Higher usage can Cost you more

Co-Location Hosting

Colocation is about renting space or rack from an existing server & propagating with your own server while you use their bandwidth. Basically, Co-location Hosting is somewhere like dedicated hosting where the server is owned by you.

 A positive factor is that since the server belongs to you, you have no limits of doing anything out of bounds. Though a backfall is that if something wrong happens with the server or it breaks down, you’re responsible and you’ve to take care of your server.

 As we have rolled on, Co-Location hosting is obviously for those who’re having a large-scaled company and looking for independent hosting servers with full access and Flexibility. Although Self Hosted server can be an alternative to them, Co-Location hosting lets you use the parent server’s bandwidth.

 Co-Location Hosting’s pricing can depend on the Bandwidth provider can hosting space you’re choosing. On a round figure it costs somewhere around 500$ per month while you’re going along with a reputed company.


✅  High Up-time
✅  Fully Software hardware customization
✅  Highly secure

✅  Ideal for large scale business


❌  Difficult to configure
❌  Much expensive
❌  High tech skills required

Reseller Hosting

reseller hosting

 If you’re looking forward to starting your own Web hosting Business, then Reseller Hosting is for you. With Reseller Hosting you get access to total server control which you can later sell on aftermarket as a Company. 

 Reseller Hosting provides mostly WHM ( Web Host Manager ) and some billing software for you to take care of Invoices & perks for your Web Hosting company. You can avail Free website building templates which you can use to embed for your users. Based on the situation and companies Free tech support may or may not be provided by the parent company which will be providing their Hosting services via your website. Also, You can get Private nameservers which you can choose according to your company name or similar.

 There are already so many affordable and budget-based hosting companies, If you are still can do marketing and get some customers, only then you should get enrolled in Reseller hosting business, Else taking of pricing, it cost $20-$50 on a usual basis. 


✅  Easily start a hosting Business
✅  Private Nameservers
✅  Free Softwares

✅  Full Control of WHM
✅  Free Tech Support


❌  Not suitable for Personal Use

Most used Hosting Terms :

Here are some basic Hosting terms we usually use related to web development. If you’re eager to know more about these Terms you can head to this Article: Hosting Facts You didn’t knew About

DNS: Domain Name System

BandWidth: Amount of Data transferred from the Server.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol ( It’s used to transfer files between computer and servers )

CDN: Content Delivery Network ( Distributing among many virtual places to load static data faster in several places around the world )


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