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 Mastering SEO is not easy, All thanks to the Keyword Researching process which has broken down this complicated ranking system in an easily understandable way. We’ve got you the best keyword research tools for free that will surely help to get your site placed on a Good Rank on search Engines.

 There are plenty of renounced keyword research tools with intuitive designing as well as informative enough to help you out but they’re paid.

Should I pay for Keyword Tools?

 Talking of Paid SEO research tools there are many starting from Ahrefs, SemRush, Moz, Keywordegg, Keywords Everywhere, etc.

 These Keyword tools are Really expensive, and If you’re starting out You wouldn’t mind getting their subscription after buying  Domains, Expensive Hosting, and all.

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ubersuggest free keyword research tool

 Ubersuggest is a Free Keyword research tool with all the premium features made for no-cost usage on the go. Though some of the features are for premium users only, you can get Daily 3 Free keyword research with all the in-depth keyword researching tools.

 A specific keyword can be searched along with top rankers & their backlink infographic, which can help you get a list of backlink-providing websites for their content.

 Later on, you can approach them on a backlink proposal for your own content. While your blog is not getting much organic traffic nor backlinks, this can be a great way to have a higher reach.

 Ubersuggest provides these features for free –

  1.  Daily 3 Free keyword research.
  2.  Keyword SEO Difficulty along with Paid Difficulty.
  3.  Keyword Volume, CPC of a Keyword.
  4.  The trend of the Keyword’s searching.
  5.  Top websites providing backlinks to a ranked Article.
  6.  Organic Keywords for your Website.
  7.  Provides Content ideas on a specific keyword.

2. Answer the Public

answer the public free keyword research

 Answer the public is not a usual Keyword research tool, Instead, it shows an infographic along with keyword search popularity and the phrases your keywords are searched with.

 This tool demonstrates the related searched terms present on a search engine via an interesting and informative illustration. The infographic contains your specific keyword along with the popular search terms around it.

 Results can also be sorted on basis of Question types, Preposition phrases, comparison orders and can also be expressed in alphabetical order. It is one of the Best keyword research tools for free.

 AnswerthePublic offers these free Features:

  •  3 Daily searches can be done for free.
  •  Provides a complete informative infographic.
  •  A lot of sorting can be done.
  •  The website supports a lot of languages.

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3. Wordstream

 WordStream is a free tool with keyword researching capability and the simplest dashboard. You need to enter a keyword or a URL to start with.

 The industry and location of the keyword can be chosen too for deep keyword research. It uses Google keyword research API for all locations, specific locations don’t support Bing Keyword research API.

 WordStream tool shows all the keywords-related info without any restrictions though the capability is only limited to CPC, Competition, and Keyword search Density.

 WordStream offers these free Features:

  •  An unlimited number of searches.
  •  No restrictions on keyword research.
  •  Limited to Search Volume, CPC, competition.
  •  Location and Industry filtering capability.
  •  It allows you to download your research in CSV & Email yourself.

5. Keyword Planner

keywords planner keyword research

 Keyword Planner tool from Google Adwords can also be used as a keyword research tool which is more informative than ‘Google Trends‘ keyword searching. Keyword planner is at the top of ‘Best keyword research tools for free’ list as it’s most customizable free tool.

 The tool also let’s you choose competitive bids and budgets according to your needs if you’re willing to promote any product or advertise.

 Google Adwords Keyword planner provides us these free Features:

  •  You can download research data later.
  •  Tool delivers an infographic according to your input data and processed output.
  •  Campaigns can be created to keep track of multiple keyword research statistics.
jaaxy free keyword research

 As an alternate of a renounced free keyword analyzer tool ‘Soovie‘, We came by Jaaxy, which is also a great free keyword research tool. On a free account, you get a total of 30 Keyword analyzing capabilities.

 While making a search you can get the top 10 related keywords for free, to get access to the rest a paid plan is required in Jaaxy. Though It has top 10 related keywords and a total of 30 keyword research for free you can get a lot out of it.

 Jaaxy provides these features for free –

  •  Free 30 Keyword research.
  •  Quoted Search Result feature totally made free.
  •  Keyword Quality Indicator with color indexing.
  •  SEO Competition on a certain keyword.
  •  10 Related Keywords for free.
ahrefs free keyword research tool

 Ahrefs is mostly known for its paid tool though there’s a free tool that most people aren’t aware of. Keyword Generator tool by Ahrefs is totally made free with less amount of data which can be useful for starters.

 Being a free tool it also provides 4 search engine keyword researching like Bing, Google, Amazon, YouTube. Regional filtering of Keyword can also be processed for deep research. 

 Unlimited related keywords show up as result where we get to see Keyword density, volume and competition. Whereas phrase match and ‘questions’ type of keywords help you decide further in your keyword generating process.

 Ahref even in it’s free keyword research tool stands among Best keyword research tools for free.

Best keyword research tools for free | Conclusion

 We’ve discussed the best Best keyword research tools for free on the web. You can now proceed according your needs, You’ve to decide what’s your priority in keyword research. If you need light research but unlimited times, you can try WordStream, Ahrefs. 

 Whether you want to promote services in several locations, you can sort them via keyword research in Adwords keyword planner.

 If deep blog keyword researching is what you’re looking for then you should go for Ubersuggest & jaaxy.

 At last if content ideas with top demand keyword is your need you can check out Answerthepublic as it has most of the unsolved  queries from the web.

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