How to add social follow button without plugin

Social Media follow buttons become really a necessity when your motive is to build an ecosystem of visitors and gain more followers on social platforms to increase the overall brand authority. Here you’ll know How to add Social follow Button without plugin.

Social follow Button without plugin

Adding the code

In this process, you’ll need to insert the below-given HTML and CSS code to specific ‘Widgets’ in order to make them work.

Land on your WordPress Dashboard, then navigate to “Dashboard > Appearance > Customize”.

Once the customize page loads up, look for “Widgets > Sidebar > Add a Widget > Custom HTML”.

Inside the Section paste the below-given HTML code. If you have basic knowledge of web development, you might relate to the code, and tweak it according to your choice. Replace the social media links inside the <a> tag.

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Once the social media links are replaced, it’s time to apply the styling to the elements. There is a way to add the CSS code along with the HTML inside the custom widget, which might not be beneficial for SEO because of the repeated page body purpose.

Instead, go back to the customize page and look for ‘Additional CSS’ at the bottom. Click on it, and copy and paste the CSS code inside.



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This was a quick and straightforward tutorial on ‘How to add social follow button without plugin’, I really hope this article has helped you out. If you’re having trouble in any process, comment below or reach us & we will try to help you out.

We’ve totally avoided installing any external plugin, so cheers to that your site speed will not be compromised by adding this feature. Still, if your site is loading slow, you may check out Bluehost to avail a discount on the best shared hosting plans.

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