How to Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress | 2 Bonus ways

In this article, we’ll be Discussing in-depth about How to Add a WhatsApp chat button in WordPress. This tutorial will be covering two different methods, With plugin & Without Plugin or Manually.

If you’re willing to know how the WhatsApp chat feature can drive more organic Conversion to your site and Sale, check Why should I add WhatsApp Chat?

Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress

How to Add WhatsApp Chat button

WhatsApp chat button can be integrated into your site without having any plugin, The process is very easy to implement and takes less than a minute.

 To add a chat button on your site You have to include a simple WhatsApp API link anywhere on Your Website. You can Add a Button On the header or Footer with the Following link Mentioned Below.

Don’t forget to Edit the Phone Number, As well as the Country code (+91 for India) according to yours.

To be sent demo text can also be added via the link, Don’t forget to edit that section in order to Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress properly.

Copy the Code from Here:

Add WhatsApp Chat button With Plugin

Another easy way to add Whatsapp chat button in WordPress is to use a Plugin named Wp Social Chat. It eases all the processes and creates an Eye-catching Customizable Chat button.

wp social chat plugin use

With the Help of the WP Social Chat plugin, you can set those things without Interfering with API Code, directly from Dashboard settings.

 1.   Admin Mobile
 2.   To be Message Included
 3.   Color of Button
4.   Styling & Position of Button
 5.   Custom Time for Chat
6.   Display Rules of Button Visibility

In the Premium version of the Plugin, we get to see more Customizability and a Vast field of features.

premium whatsapp chat button

Multiple Chat Agents: While on the Free version, we got to see only one chat option, on the premium version of the Plugin we get Multiple team member accounts to chat with.

 Each has a different role, Salesperson, Billing person, all these can be added individually for faster communication via WhatsApp.

Chatbox interface: Each Agent can have a separate chatting interface via the Plugin. Which includes different Welcome messages, Users’ to be sent messages, etc.

Custom Layout: With the Premium WP Social chat you can customize all the layout along with color settings to suit the site’s theme and choose among 40+ Free icons to add to the chat button.

whatsapp chat premium

Why should I add WhatsApp Chat?

These are some straightforward facts that are mostly known to be a key point for adding the WhatsApp chat button.

Live Interaction: User can easily chat in live-time along with call features if trouble can’t be solved via only Chat. WordPress has recently launched call features in PC software.

All WhatsApp Features: As WhatsApp comes with many embedded features like location, Documents, Future chatting, Intuitivity, makes the interaction much smoother and easier to connect.

Authority: WhatsApp is already used by Billions, its trust base is already at its peak, people would like to connect with customers consecutive via WhatsApp.

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Conclusion | Add WhatsApp Chat button in WordPress

In the article, we’ve discussed the following topics about How to Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress.

  • Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress without Plugin
  • Add WhatsApp chat button in WordPress with Plugin

We’ve previously discussed why WhatsApp can be the key way to increase your conversion ratio in sales. Hope you liked our article. See you soon.

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