How to get Traffic with Keyword Research | Ultimate guide in 4 steps

Are you a Blogger who write articles without having a rich amount of Traffic on his posts? Check out this Article and learn how to Get Traffic with keyword Research.

How to get Traffic with Keyword Research

What is Keyword Researching?

In order to Drive a massive amount of Traffic, first you need learn basic concept of Keywords. They play a major role in SERP and SEO.

Keyword Research is process of finding the perfect key term that majority of the Audience is using to find information about a topic.

If you target a wrong Keyword that does not hold potential audience volume and low competition areas, most likely you can lose all your efforts of creating the content. To succeed at this you need to master basics of How to get Traffic with Keyword Research.

More than 70 millions of blog posts are published daily, among which 90% of posts doesn't ever receives organic traffic.

Why you need a Keyword research Tool

 Every single day, more than 5 Billions of Searches are done on Google all over the World. This is obvious that a Niche has a traffic volume. If you’re not optimizing your content with Proper SEO Keywords you’ll miss out all potential visitors.

Keywords needs to be implemented on your content. But wait! Do not use any keyword inside your precious content. First make sure the keyword you’re focusing on is getting healthy amount of traffic. 

Also check if the keyword has too many competitors or if similar keywords are already covered by majority of them. Keyword Difficulty and competition has be low in order to rank your content.

Advantages of Keyword Research

With the help of Keyword Research you’ll be able to check:

 Except these major advantages, there are numerous numbers of benefits. When you’re running  a Money Making Blog, It’s really important to take care of insights and implement what’s necessary to grow your content’s visibility online.

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The Process of Keyword Research

 Steps to find the proper focus keyword for the content needs a lot of research, and a few Keyword related suggestions. 

First of all, we need a Trusted keyword researching platform like SEMrush,

In order to generate more high quality leads through traffic, visitors has to be relevantly interested to keyword’s topic.

Listing Topics:

Create a rough list of probable headings along with Keywords, which we need to shortlist and choose the proper Keyword.

You need to find topics that customers and visitors care about, Index topics they tend to discuss and Search online. Use Subtopic to find out Probable related keywords.

Idea Generation:

In order to get some related Unique topic ideas, you can use Google to find out most searched topics around your main keyword.

google suggestions

Whenever typing a topic, let google autocomplete the sentence. Majority of searched terms will be shown up in the list.

Related Long Tail Keywords

After a search is done is Google, Scroll to bottom of the page, You’ll find some extra suggestions by Google itself, Known as long tail keywords.

google suggestions ideas

These are probable related keywords, mostly with prefix and postfix terms, They can be used for further keyword implementing process. 

These were some ways How to get traffic with Keyword research by using basic methods. You can also use Free keyword research tools though they have limitations in many ways.

Lead keywords

If you’re in Affiliate Marketing field and Running ads that might extract potential Customers to generate more leads you need to be accurate while finding out Mass traffic keywords.

For that you need to use SEMrush Keyword research tool or KWfinder keyword analyzer. To Find data about a keyword Simply paste your keyword inside the below box and Click on ‘Find Keywords’.

 Now, the tool will redirect you to KWfinder tool, You can enroll for Free Trial for 10 days without any crucial Details.

In first Impression KWfinder has a Intuitive Dashboard with all the major features almost same as platforms like SEMrush & Ahrefs.

 You can check serach volume, CPC, PPC, Keyword Difficulty, SERP overview along with their keyword info, and many more useful features.

kwfinder trial

KWFinder has these major analyzing sections:

 1.  Keyword Analyzer
 2.  SERP Checker
 3.  Rank Tracking
 4.  Link Miner
 5.  Site Profiler

Apart from KWFinder we personally use and prefer using SEMrush Keyword research tool which is a little bit more expensive but worth its pricing.

So, let’s take a look at how to use SEMrush Tool.

How to use SEMRUSH for keyword analysis?

SEMrush is one of the vastly used tool by online creators all over the world. This tool can be used over any other Tool because of all it’s premium features.

You can grab the Free Trial for SEMrush at zero cost to test out if it’s features are worth your time and money or not.

In order to master How to get Traffic with Keyword Research, you need to use any of the keyword Research tool, though we prefer using SEMrush tool.

Open SEMrush, Navigate to the top & Arrive to the Dashboard and Search with your preferable Keyword term.

semrush keyword research free demo

Yet SEMrush Free version let’s you access over these useful features:

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Conclusion | How to get Traffic with Keyword Research

I hope you’ve earned some information about How to get Traffic with Keyword Research.

This article contained all the basic information about Keyword research, Advantages of Keyword Research, How to get Traffic with Keyword Research, Tools to use ( Both free and Paid ).

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