Liquid Web and Nexcess Hosting services | What you need to know

If you have heard of Nexcess Hosting, which we have previously discussed in a previous article, is a part of the Liquid Web Family of Brands. We have discovered how Liquid Web and Nexcess are providing different types of Hosting.

Our goal is to help you find out the best possible Hosting as per your need. In this article, we will see Liquid Web and Nexcess Hosting as well as what are their unique features making them stand out among their competitors in their respective fields.

Featuring Liquid Web

The Liquid Web Company is a family of brands devoted to web and cloud professionals. Their focus is on growing businesses, nonprofits, the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them. They are known to be an excellent provider of sophisticated hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers.

Liquid web claims to provide support solutions 24/7/365 to its customers & they have nearly 600 employees who provide the high-touch. If you’re having any queries, they can get solved with ease.

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If you’re having High tier Websites, you probably need a dedicated server of your own to manage all traffic spikes as well as Applications.

As these servers are totally Dedicated to a client, which is mostly used by Huge websites of Companies, the pricing is usually very expensive. Whereas, Liquid web offers Dedicated servers starting from a price of $169/mo, which is considered to be a really great price compared to all the features it provides.

  • Performance: As dedicated server includes of a single-tenant servers, it delivers the highest level of performance.
  • Compatibility: These type of server is totally customizable and built-to-order with Linux or Windows.
  • 100% Uptime: Uptime is really necessary in order to maintain website up and running all the time. Liquid web provides Real-time monitoring and 100% power and network uptime guarantee.


Virtual Private Servers tend to provide better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting at a cheaper price than Dedicated Hosting. With VPS, users can access the server without having to go through the hosting provider, and install applications and make environment changes freely.

Over the years, Liquid web has acquired one of the best companies to their family of brands. Though they’re operated separately, both act accordingly to their services.

  • Nexcess: Digital Commerce Cloud, WP Quickstart, Managed web hosting provider for eCommerce platforms as well as Storebuilder services. We have reviewed the Nexcess Hosting platform recently, you can Check it from here.
  • StellarWP: WordPress Software and Tools Platform. It has been launched recently though people from all over the Dev community has enrolled with their Tools and softwares.

About Nexcess:

While Liquid Web is leading the sophisticated hosting solutions market, like VPS and Dedicated servers, on the other hand, Nexcess is focused on fulfilling the needs of customers that use WordPress and other CMS for content sites and eCommerce.

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Managed WordPress:

The term Managed WordPress defines that a server is already optimized to fulfill the criteria of running a WordPress website. To meet the requirements of running an eCommerce website on the CMS, Woocommerce Plugin is used, which is known to be a heavy plugin itself.
Managed Woocommerce from Nexcess is a service that is specifically made to meet the requirements of running a fluent eCommerce website. Some advantages for using Managed WordPress hosting is-

  • Better Performance: As a managed WordPress server is completely optimized to work with WordPress installed environment, they will provide latest PHP, Nginx, and compression technologies to ensure best performance for the WordPress CMS as well as WooCommerce.
  • Security: With Nexcess Managed WordPress you’re protected from malware and DDoS attacks.
  • Easily Managable: Managed Hosting servers take care of upgradations of your wordpress plugins as well as theme & other necessary files which receive potential updates.

Compared to other Hosting providers, Managed WordPress is very unlikely to face crashes with your site. So, you don’t need to worry about updating them from time to time.

Managed Magneto:

Magneto is a service that’s especially used to managed eCommerce businesses. It is not usually built to deal with Content, thus if you’re only willing to create a customized store as well as the reputed Brand, Managed Magneto Hosting by Nexcess can take your stands to a high level.


Apart from using traditional eCommerce management systems like Wix, Shopify, the Nexcess Storebuilder lets you create your online store with A.I. Powered tool. It comes free with the Managed Hosting plans, though you can have it separately for just $19.

With features like Intelligent wizard, unlimited product limitations, easy payment methods, Code-free A.I. Tools, Free Plugins as well as an auto-updating system embedded, Nexcess Storebuilder stands out to be a tough competitor among other eCommerce Builders.

Let’s us now compare Liquid web and Nexcess hosting depending on their Hosting plans as well as the need of customers.

Liquid Web and Nexcess Partnership:

According to Liquid web Articles, Both Liquid web and Nexcess provide Hosting services.

Nexcess is more inclined towards CMS & eCommerce solutions, with Managed WordPress ( Woocommerce ), Managed Magneto, as well as StoreBuilder, WPQuickStart service, that lets users build websites on the Go.

Whereas, Liquid Web itself is focused on bringing Virtual Private Servers ( VPS ), Dedicated Servers, Cloud services at reasonable pricing.

Take a look at the Illustration defining major Hosting plans and comparing Both Liquid web and Nexcess based on their difference between plans.

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Compared to other Managed Hosting providers, Liquid Web and Nexcess cost a reasonable price for every type of Plan.

If you’re are starting out in eCommerce or Blogging, Nexcess’s Managed Hosting plans as well as Magneto ( for eCommerce specifically ) is a great option with impressive features and benefits.

In case you already have a company or startup that you might be willing to take to the next level or you’re looking for Virtual Private Servers/ Dedicated servers to host and manage websites at a very optimal speed, Liquid Web is worth the price you’re spending.

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