Best WordPress plugins for Ecommerce (Free+paid)

Plugins are almost mandatory to keep your eCommerce store running fluently. Now, you need to choose the best in their class in order to achieve the best possible out, almost 50,000 plugins are there in the WordPress repository. Get to know about Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce, both free and Paid.

best wordpress plugins for ecommerce

Why you need Plugins?

Ecommerce has always been a great source to kickstart a running Business. In order to have certain functionality, plugins are installed. Thus this tutorial elaborates the Best WordPress plugins for eCommerce.

As we know, eCommerce stores are sensitive to users as they put both their money and trust in a product before buying it. We need to make sure, website’s impression is positively maintained over time with the required features.


woocommerce plugin alternatives

WooCommerce is possibly the majorly used plugin in any WordPress eCommerce store. If you aren’t aware of WooCommerce, the plugin ads Selling functionality to WordPress turning your website into a Digital Store.

WooCommerce belongs to Official WordPress audit owner Automattic since 2015, They have been adding more and more features & themes, grabbing a dramatic increase in its user base.

Tidio Chat

Tidio is a Freemium Plugin for WordPress that lets you add a live chat system along with multiple extended features like an automatic chat robot, Analyzing traffic and pages they visit, many more.

Tidio does have a beautiful interface in the popup live chat system, with Tidio you gain full control over your conversions. The Tidio branding can be removed with the premium version of it, though we would prefer the free version of it is enough to try out.

The premium version of Tidio comes with many features that you might haven’t imagined. You can have full access to everything. Into the Dashboard, you can set up your email marketing campaign that you can run through just your Live chat plugin.

  • Seamless integration with their WordPress website/store
  • Mobile app to connect with queries
  • Live chat, chatbots, and email marketing
  • Totally customizable design
  • Increased customer retention
  • Better conversions and Higher revenue
  • Both Free and Paid Versions

So again, Tidio is a useful WordPress plugin for eCommerce needs. Apart from Tidio Chat, you can try out many more free chat plugins, which work the same way Tidio does, Simply put a comment and we will guide you through them.

Hustle Popup

Popup is one of the most powerful assets to achieve a higher conversion ratio in a Digital Store, They help fo Gain Email list subscribers, Generates leads, convert a dropping customer to a buying customer just with help of opt-ins.

And again, Hustle is a Freemium Plugin, It has numerous Free features which is more than enough for a new Website, Hustle has these features on their Pro Plugin-

  • Unlimited opt-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, and embeds
  • Connecting & Managing Email Marketing softwares automatically
  • Beautiful and responsive designer templates in built
  • You can trigger when a Popup shows up to a user
  • Totally customizable interface along with pre-made forms

Rank Math

rank math overview

Search Engine Optimization is really necessary to get Organic visitors and the majority numbers of sales without wasting excessive money on advertisements.

Previously, the majority of WordPress users were used to Yoast SEO Plugin, It was recognized as a great SEO Tool, though Rank Math is more Modernized with lots of features embedded with it. Nowadays, More and more users and migrating into Rank Math.

If you’re well aware of WordPress and Websites, You might be familiar with SEO, so we won’t be repeating how Rank Math can positively affect your SEO. Still, If you’re new you can check out this article –


If you’re obsessed with the Wallet system on any Shopping website, well, you can have them too, on your own Website.

TeraWallet ads a wallet system into Woocommerce, where you can set rules like-

  • Anyone can add money to their wallet.
  • User can get Cashbacks upon purchase to Wallet
  • You can add coupon code for marketing & Provide wallet cash
terawallet review

A wallet system can boost your store sales in many ways. Suppose you provide cashback to a user, Majority of chances are that the User will come back to your website to avail of the cashback and buy something using that money.

With that psychology you will be able to generate more sales, thus overall profit will be on your behalf with the wallet system. I would identify TeraWallet as one of the precious WordPress Plugins for eCommerce.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re having a Store with Digital products or Downloadable products like Images, Videos, Program files, stock footage, Keys, eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips, you need a plugin to organize all the downloads and manage them.

You should seriously consider giving a try to Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) over any of the other WordPress eCommerce plugins when you’re selling Non-Physical items.

Easy Digital Downloads is a completely free plugin, there are multiple plugins that can integrate with EDD to add more features to it.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Whenever a potential user leaves the cart even after adding items in there, chances are like they would come back to your site if guided properly. A potential customer might have some queries that couldn’t get solved, you can still retarget them after their abandonment, with a free plugin.

Cart Abandonment Recovery is one of the essential WordPress plugins for eCommerce, with help of it you can generate more than twice of initial sale (According to studies)


notificationx plugin

NotificationX is a plugin that pops up Recent sales Notification to Visitors, it comes up with an amazing FOMO (Fear of Missing out) approach that creates an urgency among your site visitors to check out what you are offering.

You can design Stunning Social Proof Notification just with the free version of NotificationX, but with the Pro Version, you’ll be able to totally customize the Notification box according to your theme and color, that way visitors might find that more relevant and attractive.

In another word, NotificationX helps increasing user Engagement. Thus we can consider it as one of the important WordPress plugins for eCommerce.


Monsterinsights review

To keep track of your visitors & their actions, You need an analyzer plugin that can execute specific tasks.

  • Sales tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, and MemberPress
  • Referral/ Affiliate and ads tracking
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Instant Articles with a single click
  • Track form views, submissions, and conversion rates

Monsterinsights is a freemium plugin, With the free Plugin, you can have features like traffic tracking, though you’re only limited to that. Though we would prefer connecting your website with Google Analytics and do the rest of the research from there if you can’t afford the premium version of Monsterinsights.

SEMrush Tool

semrush trial overview

SERP plays an important role in Ranking a Website on the Search Engines, as you’re running a WooCommerce store, there’s a lot of stuff that plugins like Rank Math can help you with.

But, SEMrush does a lot more than that, With help of SEMrush, you can check your competitors, and moreover these factors-

  • Long-tail Keyword Research
  • Deep analysis of a Website
  • Backlink History Digger
  • Competitor’s top Performing page analysis
  • Track Ranking’s in SERP
  • Identify and Fix Critical SEO Errors
  • Find out High authority Link building ideas
  • Disavow unsafe Banklinks

SEMrush is more than a tool that will surely benefit your store, We have a separate tutorial to that, explaining its numerous features. Go check that out.

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Sucuri Security

When it comes to the safety of a Website, there is no compromise in it. Any minor mistake in website security can lead to a large breach of Data, or lead to get your website Hacked.

Sucuri is a Website Security plugin that Prevents your website from Getting exploited or Hacked, and does these specific tasks-

  • Prevents Malware
  • Hack Scan Frequency
  • Malware Cleanup Tool
  • Blocklist Monitoring
  • Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching / Hardening)
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation
  • Firewall – HTTPS & PCI Compliant

So basically, Sucuri does provide all the premium class features to keep your website safe and secure so that all your work doesn’t go into vain. Every Web geek would prefer investing in a good Security plugin for their website.

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Other Essential Plugins

In this Tutorial we discussed Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce. Except for the Plugins only based on eCommerce needs, You need to have certain plugins for a specific task like:

  1. Contact form
  2. Spam protection
  3. Backup
  4. Redirection

If you want to see another article including the best free tools for eCommerce, We would be happy to create a separate tutorial with Tools that are free to use and beneficial for eCommerce-related work.

I hope you liked our Tutorial ‘Best WordPress plugins for eCommerce, See you in another exciting tutorial, Till then, signing off.

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