5 Best WordPress Security Plugins compared

If you’re here because you’re in hurry, Your Website is Hacked, breached, Download Sucuri Plugin urgently to get rid of your problems. So, In this article we will be discussing about 5 Best WordPress security Plugins and compare them with pros and cons.

best WordPress Security Plugins

Website security is really important as any vulnerability can take down your efforts of years, One wrong decision can destroy the whole website.

Majority of the internet’s websites using WordPress, thus we will be learning 5 best WordPress Security Plugins and compare them with all the features along with their premium features.

WordFence Security

wordfence plugin review

 WordFence Security is one of the most Downloaded and actively used Security Plugins for WordPress. As mentioned on it’s name, this plugin prevents from any data Leaking, creates firewall, Scans for malicious snippets.

Brute force attacks are quite common to face. Well, with WordFence you can set limit login attempts so none can try brute forcing into the Admin panel. It has the ability to scan all the plugins, themes, host files to look for malware, vulnerabilities.

 Apart from free version, the Premium version of Wordfence offers a Premium API key that provides real time scanning, IP Blocking, Repair files etc.


✅  Creates Firewall
✅  Limit Login attempts
✅  IP, Country Blocking
  Brute Force Protection


  Free Version Available
➤  Pro plans start from $99/Year

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Jetpack security alternative

JetPack is an all in one Plugin that offers almost all the major benefits of WordPress, starting from Security, Backup, Analytics, Scanning, automation, Social Sharing, Brute force prevention, etc.

Though we’ve seen cases where people claimed JetPack does decrease website loading speed a little bit for multiple bulky features, though it does offer content delivery network which can be used to speed up your website.

To get started with Jetpack, you need to login to Jetpack via WordPress.com account, there access to multiple useful tools would be provided. After subscribing to Jetpack plans, user can get many premium plugins like Auto Backup, Scanning, Malware cleaner, and many other numerous features.

JetPack can be considered as one of the Best WordPress Security Plugins with many other premium & Unique features.


✅  Brute Force Protection
✅  Virus Scanning
  Malware cleaner
  Auto Backup & Restore
✅  Auto Social Sharing
✅  Accelerated mobile pages


  Free Version Available
 Pro plans start from $13/Month

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Sucuri Security

As mentioned before, Sucuri is the one for you if your website is currently under attack, It offers a lots of features with proper tools to analyze and measure probability of risks.

Specially designed to improve security of a website, Sucuri monitors your website with Activity Auditing, it scans through the files hosted on the server like Plugins, themes, core files, and checks for any malicious activities.

Security notification can also be received time to time if enabled, which will notify Admin of any Admin login attempts, Plugin Install updates, etc.

With the free version of Sucuri, we don’t get to see Website firewall which is one of the major factor of Website security. Well, with the Premium version of Sucuri you get to use Firewall, along with realtime protection, Hack removal, Load Balancing, and so many.


✅  Website Firewall
  DDoS protection
 Unlimited malware removal
  Highly optimized CDN


  Free Version Available
 Pro plans start from $199/Year

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Malcare Security

malcare plugin alternative

Malcare is at the Number 5 position in our list of Best WordPress Security Plugins list. It does a great job removing Malicious files before your site gets blacklisted by search engines or Hosting provider.

Malcare plugin also notifies site owners whenever any sudden error occurs along with probable fixes to them. Most of the execution takes place in Plugin’s own servers thus it doesn’t slow down your Website.

Fixing an already hacked site is also much easier with Malcare, They provide Brute force protection as well as login security to avoid getting hacked. The one-click malware cleaner offers unlimited automated cleanups, a Cloud based Firewall is also provided.

Moreover, you can not only block IPs, but countries to avoid vulnerabilities. Complete website management system is there in Malcare Premium Version which ensures complete security of your website.


One Click malware Cleaner
  Cloud Based firewall
  Notifies website down
✅  Fixes hacked website fast


  Free Version Available
 Pro plans start from $99/Year

Get MalCare

All In One WP Security

All In One WP Security

All In One WP Security & Fireawall is a Totally free plugin that is one of the most top rated Security Plugins. This WordPress security plugin takes care of User Login Security, Accounts, Database, Files security. 

It also allows to Backup .htaccess and wp-config.php File in case site is down, and restores it after everything is fixed. Modification is these files can also be done from Admin dashboard with just a few clicks.

Banning IP address, or a Range of IPs is also possible along with Firewall functionality. Some of the other Major features are: Brute Force Login security, Comment spam prevention, Security Scanner, Front end text copy protection, etc.

All in One WP Security also has the ability to temporarily lock down the front end of your site from general visitors to hunt down Hackers, malicious backend tasks and hacking attempts.


  Security Scanner & Firewall
  Brute force protection
  Copy Protection
  Hunt down hackers
  Modify system files securely
  Comment Spam prevention
  Blacklisting Functionality


➤  Totally Free on WordPress.org

All In One WP Security


 I hope you liked the article about best WordPress Security Plugins and comparison among the most used and rated ones. We have included their premium pricing as well their features.

Apart from Comparison of Best WordPress security Plugins, we have elaborated before about 10 practice that can keep your website safe on regular purpose.

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