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If you’re looking forward to get Bluehost India hosting but confused whether you should put your money or not, let’s clear all your queries. Their plans are starting from ₹179.00/mo only. Let’s get into Bluehost India Review…

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If you are looking for the most suitable web hosting company and are confused about choosing Bluehost India or any other hosting, In this article, we’ll be reviewing BlueHost India and comparing it with competetors, and find out if Bluehost is worth its pricing.

bluehost india review

Besides comparing both, we’ll discuss its pros and cons, plans, budget alternatives, as well as many other facts that you may didn’t know.

Starting SpecificationValues
Bandwidth :Unmetered
Storage :Unmetered
Uptime :99.97%
Support :24 X 7 Support
Starting from :₹179/mo
MoneyBack Guarantee:30 Days
Email Included :100
Backups :Choice Plus plan
Top Feature:100+ Themes

We have considered Plus BlueHost shared hosting to be suitable entry-level hosting, thus the values are taken from the Plus Shared hosting plan.

Note: First of all, clearing a basic misconception. and are separate based on your work location.

Major Specifications:

  • Free Domain Name: A free one year domain name can be availed upon signing up for a hosting account with Bluehost. You’ll be free to manage it, transfer it after any required lock periods, or point it to elsewhere at your convenience.
  • cPanel Dashboard: Bluehost offers cPanel which allows you to manage all of your websites, domains, Emails, resources, and more from one place. The advanced cPanel easy to navigate and has an exceptionally user-friendly interface.
    If you’re looking for customized Dashboard panel like Hpanel, you may try Hostinger.
    With this cPanel you get instant acces to the add-ons in the featured Marketplace which can take your business to the next level, the addons are completely optional and not necessary for simple websites.
  • Specifications: One of the impressive features of Bluehost shared plans is its Specifications in a budget category. With the Plus plan, you get to host Unlimited websites, create Unlimited Databases, have Unmetered SSD storage, unmetered Bandwidth. These are just astonishing keeping the pricing of the hosting plan in mind, though from my personal experiences, after adding more than 10 wordpress websites, Bluehost starts to slow down processing a bit.
  • Pricing: The shared plans of Bluehost India is starting from rs. 179 per month, as you go further to Plus and Choice Plus plans pricing increases to 299 per month. You should notice that both Plus and Choice Plus are having same pricing though keep in mind that renewal pricing is much higher for choice plus plan.
bluehost india pricing

Apart from Shared hosting, Bluehost has other plans like Dedicated Hosting and VPS hosting. I’m assuming you are aware of Hosting types and their applications. Well, if you aren’t, I would suggest you go through ‘What are the types of Hosting‘. Without wasting any more time, let us start the BlueHost India Review.

  • Uptime: Website Uptime is the time that a website is available to users with no downtime. I’ve never seen any hosting delivering a 100% of consistent Uptime, Bluehost India has an uptime of almost 99.97% on an average of 5 conducted tests over discrete period of time.
    The response time from Bluehost Indian servers in Indian terittory has been 500ms on an average. Surprisingly the response time from US servers were around 350ms which is impressively lesser than Mumbai servers.


  • Drag and Drop Builder: Bluehost Website Builder is a website creation tool that allows you to build a website with no coding or technical knowledge. Anyone can simply use the tool via click, drag and drop to build up intuitive Landing pages.

    Though Bluehost has two types of website builder, Express editor, which is a stand-alone site builder. This does not integrate with WordPress. Another one is Bluehost website builder, which is bascially updated version and has the ability to integrate with WordPress.
bluehost drag and drop builder
  • SSD Storage: SSD Storage delivers high speed and reliablity with its hardware configurations. While the starters Basic plan covers only 50GB SSD storage, the mid tier Plus plan comes with Unmetered SSD storage as well as Unmetered Bandwidth. So don’t you worry about uploading and streaming videos directly from your server with unmetered bandwidth and fast storage fetching.
  • Security: SSL Certificate ensures the security, so that your users can enjoy an encrypted connection. Bluehost provides a free SSL Certificate with your WordPress Hosting plan that marks your website secure by displaying a padlock icon in your website browser and boosts SEO authority of your site.
    Apart from SSL certificates, Bluehost’s Cpanel lets you install extra security tools as well other featured extensions to keep your website safe and fluent.

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  • Backup: Site backups keeps you trouble free and has the ability to the restore website to previous state if any problem occurs. You get a Daily backup only in higher level plans. Upon choosing Choice plus Shared hosting or Pro plans, CodeGuard backup system is provided. Although which won’t be mandetory if you’re using free WordPress Backup plugins for third party cloud backups.
  • Support: Hosting providers support team’s flexibility and response time reflects their dedication towards clients. It is frustrating for me if I don’t receive customer support replies as fast as expected. I have found the Bluehost India support team to be very knowledgeable and helpful, especially they’ve helped me execute minor tasks with care.
    Bluehost support can be reached via Live Chat or even on phone call if you’re facing any problem or having any query. I’ve tried a couple of times and turns out response time of support executives is somewhere around more than average.
bluehost support team
  • 30 Day Money Back: While you’re trying out a hosting, you should have complete freedom of requesting refund if you’re not satisfied. Bluehost India is so confident that you’ll be pleased with our services, they offer a 30 day Full hosting refund. In case you’re cancelling within first 30 days and claimed a domain name for free while purchasing, you’ll be charged the domain fee from the refund amount.
  • Bluehost CDN: Content Delivery Network helps any website to load faster by storing cache and delivering content through the nearest server loaction of an user. Bluehost offers Cloudflare integration, which helps to load pages fast, especially handles websites from DDos attacks, and comes with many other useful addons.
  • Data Centers: Bluehost currently have only one India server at this time situated in Mumbai. Besides india, they have data centers in London, China and USA. If you have USA centric website and majority of your traffics are targeted towards US audience, it might come helpful to you choosing their US Servers.


This was a quick article about ‘Bluehost India Review’, we have included almost everything that you need to analyze a the hosting company. I’ve personally tried Bluehost and found it really helpful to start off as a beginner. For some reasons and other objectives I had to switch my hosting provider, but my initial journey had been really fluent with Bluehost India.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Unmetered SSD Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Databases
✅ Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Sub Domains
✅ Microsoft Email Accounts
WordPress Website Migration
Drag-n-Drop Builder
1-year Domain Name
Automatic Site Optimization
24/7 Support
Easy Payment methods
Free Speed Boosting CDN
Automatic Daily Malware Scan
Bluehost SEO Tools


❌  Less Inode Count
❌  Slow support Response
❌  Backup Restrictions

So, this was all for the Bluehost India Review, I hope the ‘Bluehost India Review’ article has cleared all your doubts related to the them. If you still have any questions related to it, you can comment down below and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.


Do I get Email services with Bluehost?

Bluehost provides you 30 Days Microsoft office 365 for completely free, afterwards charges may apply. Besides having business emails, you get Email Marketing Tools with any shared hosting plan.

Is Bluehost beginner friendly?

Yes, Bluehost is completely beginner-friendly. It has all the abilities to help entry-level users start off with simple clicks. Besides which Bluehost is providing a free SSL, free domain name, and 24/7 customer support.

Which Bluehost plan is most valueable?

It totally depends on you, but if you’re asking for my opinion, I would say choose the plus shared plan rather than choosing the most basic one. In the future, if you wish to host more than a website, it does let you host only 1 at a time.

How much Bluehost renewal cost?

Both PLUS and CHOICE PLUS are great options while starting out both are having the same pricing of Rs. 299, renewal price can differ based on the plan you’ve chosen.

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